Why home security is so important

The importance of home security in 2017

Home Security ImportanceIn recent decades, technology has grown at a rapid pace. Sometimes technology has made people more scared of the world around them. This perspective is definitely justified. Two million home burglaries are reported each year in the United States alone, and two-thirds of these are residential. The FBI says that burglary is the most common threat to an average homeowner, with one happening every 14.6 seconds in America. While these statistics are frightening, technology can be used to improve household safety. Instead of fearing technology, many people have decided to use technology to their advantage in order to make their lives more convenient and to increase security for their belongings. Now that everyone is connected to the Internet, surveillance companies can contact you 24/7 as soon as an issue arises. Statistics have shown that people are less likely to attempt to break into a house if it is difficult or requires more effort than originally anticipated. Using a wireless connection, home security technology can give a homeowner the power to monitor their security devices on an app so that they can maintain home security on the go.

Home Security CamerasSystems can vary in size and scope, making home security accessible and fully customizable to meet any homeowner’s needs. Most beginning-level systems include some type of door and window sensors, the two most common entry points to a home. They also have some sort of central command that communicates with these sensors to alert the user if anything is detected. To build up this starter version of security, one could add interior and exterior lighting and electronic device timers to make the home seem occupied. They could also add some sort of alarm or loud sound that deters breaking in. A more advanced system could connect to garage door openers, smoke detectors, water sensors, and various other appliances. These systems can be customized through some sort of smartphone app to operate in a certain way, like an alarm sounding when motion is detected or a door is unlocked. One could even hook up a camera to their security system that starts recording when prompted to film a potential intruder. With most security systems, camera footage would be uploaded to some sort of cloud-based storage system.

There are some budget-friendly options that provide an enhanced experience while cutting costs. Install a home security system without the help of a company eliminated setup fees. There are some programs that offer basic features for a low cost, while others are more expensive and provide a comprehensive experience. Each program has a specific focus. Some feature high-quality internet-connected cameras, while others might focus on sensors or home automation. While some products require the company to install the system, others allow the user to install it and then provide a monthly subscription service to monitor the home. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Convenient and hassle-free experiences are definitely available, but they come at a cost. If someone wants to maintain a secure home but is on a tight budget, there are also security cameras that provide motion detection services, but they are really meant to cover small areas like apartments.

Home Security Products

Home security cameras are an integral part of a home security system. There are two main types: indoor cameras and outdoor cameras. Some important features to look for when considering a camera are motion detection, how big the field of view is (this is to know how many cameras you need to cover your space), sound features, high image/video resolution, WiFi capabilities, night vision, and movement ability to cover a greater area.

Door Alarms
Door alarms are one of the most accessible and effective tools for someone that wants to secure their home. They are very cheap with some under $20, there is no installation or power required, and they are light and portable, which makes them essential for any home. There are several types of door alarms, namely door knob alarms, door stop alarms, and travel door alarms. For a door knob, the alarm is hung on a knob and if it is touched, an activation device is triggered, causing an alarm to sound. Door stop alarms have a similar function but they also prevent the door from opening to eliminate any possibility of entry. Travel door alarms can be used on a door, but they can also be kept on an individual for personal protection. Some travel door alarms have added functions like a flashlight or a smoke alarm. Door alarms are like the swiss army knives of home security: they’re cheap, portable, and have lots of uses.

Security Doors
Security doors are a more extreme home security option, but they are helpful nonetheless. There are lots of different materials used to make these kinds of doors, like steel and fiberglass. These doors are extremely resistant to force and can withstand a lot. The most common method of forced entry is kicking down a door, so having a security door can prevent this major issue. These doors are instantly shut and locked as soon as one enters and no one is able to enter these doors without original keys, making for an extremely safe and secure entrance. Many security doors come with a camera as well. They are easy to order online but are a bit expensive. All things considered, security doors are a worthwhile investment, but a homeowner on a budget might want to consider utilizing the other methods of home security first before moving onto security doors.

There has never been a better time than the present to invest in home security. Home security products are easier to order, cost less, and are more convenient than ever before. There are many different types of products for each type of homeowner, so virtually anyone can take advantage of having a safe and secure living space. It has been proven that intruders prefer an easy way into a home. If you make the process of breaking and entering into your home difficult, thieves might not even bother to break in in the first place.